“The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother – and they’ll settle for a puppy every time” — Winston Pendelton

How to be Smarter: It is almost impossible to make fun of your hometown without making fun of the people in it. The people who shaped, loved and helped you grow up–not just your parents but neighbors, elementary school teachers, family friends–they all helped. Making fun of your hometown doesn’t make you look “cool” for outgrowing it, it makes you look ungrateful for not appreciating it.

How to be Prettier: Since everyone already looks kind of silly in earmuffs, but they really do keep you warm without messing up your hair, go unapologetically large and fun with them, especially if you have a neutral-colored coat: here, here and here.

How to be (less) Awkward: When someone goes away to a place you’ve been, it is fun to compare experience. However  before the trip your job is to give helpful advice about the fun you had; after a trip, your job is to listen to the fun they had (not to mention what attractions you think they  missed out on).

8 Responses

  1. The Smarter comment really resonates with me right now – I recently moved away from my hometown, which I often took for granted when growing up. I’d like to think I am mature enough to appreciate it for what it was now, even though it may not have been exactly what I wanted at every moment. I actually just wrote a blog entry about the move and it really helped me re-evaluate my experiences there and appreciate them in a whole new light.


  2. @smarter: So pertinent: I go to college in the town in which I grew up. It’s easy to want to make fun of the town…Love this advice.

  3. Molly!
    Your advice acts as a sister to me. I wander to your site when I need a fun and quirky perk-me-up. Brilliant idea to categorize facts like you do!

    I recently moved back to my hometown after being away for a few years. Since returning, I’ve actually seen the town for what it has to offer, and not what it seems to be lacking.
    Every space you occupy is merely a transition into the next move…if others make fun of their home town maybe it is because they haven’t realized how it truly raised them. If it no longer interests them, then they should see how that town has enriched their expectations.

    @prettier….Earmuffs are the best! you can even sport a cute doo unlike having to worry about a hat frizzing you up.

    @awkward…it’s always fun to tell and listen when you’ve been to a same place. It helps them talk about their visit enthusiastically to a keen ear and also allows you to re-live a similar experience. It’s nice to have a relating conversation with someone!

  4. I love your “smarter” advice. I’ve always firmly believed in that.

  5. I go to college far away from my hometown in New Jersey, and I always joke along with others about where I’m from. Because of the stereotypes about the state, it’s easy to just laugh along with comments, most of which I agree with. However, reading your comment made me realize that although everything about the place is not ideal, I have been shaped so much by agreeing or disagreeing with the town. And what would I do without my best friends that I met there? And if I join in making fun of a part of myself, it doesn’t sound particularly confident. Uncertainty and ungratefulness are not a dynamo combination. Thank you so much for helping me realize this! I’ll emphasize the great parts of my home next time! I don’t have to like everything about it, but I should be thankful for who it’s helped me become.

  6. Love your smarter advice molls! xx

  7. The “be smarter” section is very true. I don’t live in my hometown anymore, but I’m very greatful for all the people there who helped make me who I am today 😀

  8. I begged for a puppy and got a baby brother.

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