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“[Smart Pretty and Awkward] is run by a girl named Molly Ford, who finds a thrill in sharing her thoughts on life…Warning: her posts can get a little addicting.” — SWEATshirt/DRESSshirt. October 12 2010.

Mention in the Life and Money column on September 14 2010.

Guest Post on So About What I Said. August 23 2010.

“I don’t usually follow blogs…but I love this blog. Smart Pretty and Awkward updates almost everyday…it’s never overwhelming or condescending.” — Only the Gentle Are Every Really Strong. August 10 2010.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is a fantastic blog which has captured my attention. It’s witty, wise, and pertinent to life, and I suggest checking it out when you get a chance.” — Taking Poetic License. August 1 2010.

“Cubicle Chic likes to think we can relate to Molly, the founder of SP&A, on all levels. Along with our obvious fascination with fashion, we are both by-the-books-smart with a penchant for doing silly things…like Molly, we believe it’s quite all right to be all three (smart, pretty AND awkward)” — Cubicle Chic. July 30 2010.

“Everyday, a new tip on how to be smarter, prettier, and less awkward…they are like write-on-your-mirror-because-they-are-so-useful kind of tips!” — Mere Words of Love. July 21 2010.

“I love Molly’s posts, especially how she uses quotes for her titles. That is really very clever… plus, her tips and tricks are pretty helpful, too. This is definitely a blog to check out and it’s even all right if you’re a guy, too. This advice is for anyone who is interested on different points of view.” — Random-Aleatoire. July 21 2010.

Interview with July 14 2010.

Guest Post on Journey-Work. July 11 2010.

Interview with The Urban Dater. June 18 2010.

“Weekly Blogosphere Roundup.” Handbag Heaven. May 28 2010.

“With 3 little tips a day I think that girl is onto something… I have to say I spent a good hour or so digging back into her archives to read up on what I’ve missed.” — A Little Bit of Life. May 11 2010.

“Molly Ford blogs every business day…it’s a definite read for any female, and it’s highly addictive.” — Oh So Katie Diane. April 21 2010.

“Chapman’s Favorite Blogs.” The Prowl. Spring 2010 Issue.

“Molly Ford gives tips and just generally good advice….” — The How-To Gal. May 1 2010.

Lodis Press Page. April 9 2010.

Guest Post “Tips for all the Players in Your Big Day” on The Wedding Belle. March 28 2010

Interview in Everyday to Runway. March 22 2010.

Guest Post “A Day in the Life” on Girl Goes East. March 22 2010

“Who doesn’t want to be smarter, prettier and less awkward? There’s just something about reading it that makes me feel satisfied.” — Outside the Wall, March 9 2010

“This blog is ran by a lovely young lady named Molly Ford, who eloquently provides a tip on how to live smarter, how to make yourself look (and feel) prettier, and how to live (and feel) less awkward. I also love her quoted entry titles.” — Which Way To Love Land?, March 4 2010

“Smart Pretty and Awkward, a popular blog with daily tips on how to be smarter, prettier, and less awkward, says Please Fire Me will make your workplace feel less awkward.” — Please Fire Me, February 19 2010

“One my favorite sites: Smart Pretty and Awkward. I check her site daily and I think Molly is fabulous.” — Forever Fatty. February 17 2010

“Molly Ford: the ever knowing! I’ve learned: the little things can matter, useful information is, well, useful, and how to be more smart…more pretty and a little less awkward.” — Jolie Jamie, January 5 2010

“This has got to be the most valuable blog I have read in a LONG time” — Popcorn & Chocolate Syrup. December 28 2009.

“Check out my new favorite website…being smarter, prettier, and less awkward never hurts.” — Instinctive Fashion. December 19 2009.

“Molly Ford amazes us with her refreshing insights. She covers everything from how to rock patterned tights to friendships.” — House of Mern, November 2 2009

“For a couple of months, I’ve been taking semi-regular advice from Molly Ford’s blog…I especially like her style in that it has a classic touch — it reminds me of one of those Miss Manners books — without being condescending.” —Etcology, November 1 2009

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is one of my favorite sites…”-PamFriedNoodles, September 17 2009

“A blog that manages to provide a wealth of inspiration through its simplicity.” — Avoiding A Quarter-Life Crisis, September 10 2009

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is a blog that pulls me in almost daily because it has a single theme, a single path, that everyone looks forward to.” — Moshi moshi, Addi-desu!, August 31 2009

Quoted in Boston Globe, “Brow Beaten” by Kate M. Jackson, August 20 2009.

“I started reading Smart, Pretty, and Awkward last semester, and it quickly became a daily thing. As you may have gathered by now, I may not be the most tactful person, and Molly’s tips, hints, and advice smooth out my rough Vermont girl edges quite nicely.” —Sex and The College Girl, July 15 2009

“It’s current and witty….the fashion advice is absolutely spot on.” — Website Review: Smart Pretty and Awkward, May 18 2009

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  1. Love seeing where SPA is posted out in the cyberworld! Press Page is interesting.

  2. Just found you! Love. Thanks for mentioning Before You Were Hot!

  3. […] to you all that today Journey-Work will feature a guest post by Molly Ford (the genius behind the highly acclaimed blog, Smart, Pretty and Awkward) about what I find to be a very pertinent topic: starting a blog. […]

  4. OMG Molly is an Internet star! Reminds me of iCarly

  5. Very interesting reading the press page…congratulations!

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